Thursday 23 July 2015

Holacracy needs 4 minor changes to be perfect


Comrade Carl sat beside me at lunch today. He was wearing a T shirt that said, "Holacracy is Apple Pie and Ice Cream, but do not too get fat, kibinimat". 
Carl has asked all his IoT and big data  nerds to wear the same T shirt and claimed that this is about to happen.

Readers of this blog know that Comrade Carl Marks often uses the term "kibinimat", which is a Russian cuss word. My dad, Pierre Elliot said that ladies should not cuss, but that was years ago back in Canada. Kibinimat is parallel to the French Canadian word "ciboire", although they mean different things. Wow, I am quite the intellectual!

Since I have been so very busy mastering the Internet of Things/Big Data, I fell behind on the holacracy issues. Never one to show weakness, I asked Comrade Carl what his "cut" was on holacracy. I love the word cut, from an HR point of view.

"Gloria, kibinimat that is a good question! Holacracy takes the very best of nihilism and bureaucracy and rolls them into one gestalt. (That is a German word). 

Carl the spoke for 45 minutes about holacracy, throwing in about 35% of the terms he used in Russian, which I don't understand yet. The Comrade then asked me how I see the "HR role in a Holacracy".

I told Comrade Carl that "it sound exciting", and I would add 4 modifications from an HR perspective:

a-a chain of command
b-ensure HR is the process czar
c-ensure that each circle has an HR business partner.

Carl told me, "Christ Gloria, you are one smart lady. You could have been a politruk in the Russian Army. Politruk is an educational officer, somewhat like a spokesman

However, I do not plan to learn Russian yet. Danish is next.

Modifying holacracy

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