Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dozing off during management meetings-an email thread

A good HR manager leverages here and now

To: CEO Stan
From: Gloria

Dear Stan,

The fact that our bizarre chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks talks for 3 straight hours in every leadership meeting we have, and then falls sleep when other team members (including me) speak up, appears to me as disrespect towards your stellar leadership.
Perhaps this is the time for you to lead. I have received a wow, shocking benchmark (via Whatapp) about how an agile CEO should react when a member of the leadership team dozes off in a leadership meeting, so just click.
I know that you respect Kim Jon-Un (one) and as my Dad Pierre Elliot used to say, "he appears to have it right, again".
Ms Cynthia Axe is at your disposal, for the "axing".

To: Comrade Carl
CC: Gloria
From: Stan

Comrade Carl, Gloria has some ideas about improving management meetings. Please read the email that she sent me,  meet with her, and then present a "joint" front with her about how to move ahead. Not the type of "joint" you smoke in the parking lot.

To Stan

CC Gloria
From Comrade Carl Marks
Gloria, When I doze off, I dream of a world with no HR.
Spasiba for your attention. Kibinimat,  all the ladies of HR can be replaced by IT and an "enter" button.

Backing his HR business partner

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