Friday, 13 February 2015

Don't expect the ladies of HR understand technology?

There is too little respect for HR

Ever since I started to nerdify HR using cool  cloud technology, Comrade Carl Marks (VP Emerging Technology) and I have reached a cease fire, so to speak.

My Dad Pierre Elliot used to say that "I don't believe in cease fires Gloria; either shoot to kill or, smoke the peace pipe; Lester Pearson had it right". My guess is that very few Americans know who Lester Pearson was. Dad always said to me "never except too much worldliness from an American".

In the framework of our peace accord, Comrade Carl asked me, "Glo-baby, why not interview our new Internet of Things team-leader that I have just hired, Comrade Natasha Khmelnitski-McLean? Tell me what you think of her skill set".

The comrade laughed and said, "but don't be jealous". When Comrade Natasha showed up for the interview, I understood immediately Comrade Carl's choice. Natasha was dressed to kill as my Dad Pierre Elliot used to say. She wore very high heals.

I grilled young and inexperienced Natasha for 90 seconds (an in depth interview in my book). I concluded that Natasha is not posh. Certainly her accent leaves a lot to be desired, as it were.

At the end of the interview, Natasha had the nerve to ask me four non wow questions:

1) Isn't Comrade Carl the greatest nerd since Pavlov?
2) Just how much do "you girls in HR" understand technology?
3) If I need anything from you, until what time can I call you?
4) Can you ensure that I get  Blackberry keyboard with a Russian interface within an hour? Spasiba. Btw, why do we use Blackberry?

Spasiba means thanks in Russian.  One of the things I do not like about this job is that my French is becoming rusty.

New play mate


  1. Surprised that Natasha can use a BlackBerry; balancing in spike heels and with long, manicured nails, the keyboard must be a challenge. Does the Russian interface take voice commands, or does Siri moonlight--not what you're thinking, Hugh--for BlackBerry?

    1. We have 3 Blackberries dat speak Russian.
      Comrade Natasha imbibes some Reyka Vodka, hourly. and she rarely loses her stability.