Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The 3 key business processes from which HR can create most value via Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

Quite the nerd

I remember that my English teacher (Ms. Celine Lavigne) used to tell me “Gloria, don’t give your compositions such long names. My lord, you are a practical young lady”. 

While I am not the rebellious type, I do have a mind of my own, as you see from the title of this post.

I am nerdifying myself at a drastic pace by rubbing shoulders with nerds, geeks, internet of things gurus, big data boys as well as having lunch daily with Comrade Carl Marks, our VP of Emerging Technology. I have even learnt to understand English with a Russian , Indian, Israeli and Chinese accent. 

I feel most of home in a technology environment, in line with my key value of "HR must become nerdy to save our burning asses", as it were.

I have identified the 3 major HR (and RH) business processes which I shall upgrade and migrate to a cloud, augmented by big data and in the context of internet of things.
1.      The first process is: “Recruitment-El Squeezo-Early Bird Retirement”.
2.      The second process is: “From HR as clerk to Deep Respect for HR Business Partnership”, even as Cynthia swings her axe with unmitigated grace.
3.      The third process is: “From compensation to flexible pray to get pay”.

Hugh White from Diversity was jocund about the use of the term “el squeezo”.
Cynthia Axe was pleasantly surprised she was mentioned by name.
BTW, I plan to use IBM as a single source vendor, unless they cease being cool.

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