Friday, 5 December 2014

Google and my blog

My dear readers,

My Dad, the late Pierre Elliot, always warned me that "with greatness comes headaches".

At 6 am when I opened my eyes and stretched out my hand to open my Blackberry Passport, I read an email that Google agreed to publish advertisements on my blog.

Naturally I felt wow wow wow, (3 wows) although I was not surprised.

Then, I read a text message from CEO Stan: "Gloria, good work. Meet me at the office at 8". Always prompt and responsive, I staggered into Stan's room. "Do me a favour Gloria. In your blog, don't mention the 3 pictures I have on my wall." I won't go into details now, but one of those pictures is a picture of Kim Jong Un (one). 
Who are the other 2?

Hugh White, the white heterosexual who runs my Diversity department, also had a request. (Hugh is reading a book on "Sexual Orientation and the Internet of Things".)
Hugh asked of me, "Do me a favour, Gloria, in your blog don't mention that my wife Ludmilla's maiden name is Khrushchev. It just gets me another black eye".
Hugh White gets a black eye from wife - Comrade Ludmilla K White 
The jocund Comrade Carl Marks, Head of R&D came into my room, smoking a cigar dipped in cognac. "Gloria, congratulations. I heard you have a blog with advertisements. What the hell do you write about? HR is useless, kibinimat. Do me a favour-write a blog about the internet of things and you'll get more hits, make money and resign. I love you Gloria and you have lovely legs. But HR blogs are like necrophilia-HR is dead"
What is there to write about, kibinimat?

Mom just called me. She is losing her memory. Mama asked me "Gloria, is Google advertising on your manpower blog? When are you getting married? Is Google advertising on your manpower blog?

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  1. Gloria, you should be more worried about what goods and, er, services Google will flog space on your page for. They've clearly figured out what eyeballs you're trying to attract, and tracked the referring pages and where your gentle readers go next.