Monday, 10 November 2014

Evidence-based Learning and Development Goals 2019

L&D-mais oui

Ever since I graduated from Secretaries Academy (L'Académie des secrétaires, in Montreal), I have underlined my belief in Learning and Development goals, especially given the diversity in the work force and our business needs as it were

(HR business partnership cares for business needs in the same way that a CFO makes sure that the numbers look good, as it were.

I have put together our six leading Learning and Development Goals for 2019. I used big data, cloud computing, a Swiss blockchain and the common sense of an alley cat.

  • For Engineers: Learn English and eat less tribal food in cubicles and  evidence based learning
  • For Diverse Populations: Be more productive than the average normal employee  and evidence based learning
  • For HR: Further enhance the feeling of respect, trust and camaraderie that staff feel towards HR business partnership and evidence based learning
  • For Sales: Focus on positives of our emerging technology and whimper less and evidence based learning
  • For Supply Chain: Drive 30% of suppliers into receivership or abject poverty using evidence based learning
  • For all: More respect of our dedicated senior management team, based on fear and deference as well as and evidence based learning

My own personal L&D goal is to improve my understanding of organizational politics, position myself for a Fortune 500 HR role, and acquire a slight British accent.

I love the term "as it were". It adds to my senior positioning.

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