Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shaming lesser colleagues is not wow wow, or even wow

Coming to a theatre near you

I received an text today from a girlfriend I went to school with back in Canada, Francine Fawn. Two F's . 
She is following my career and she told me she is so proud to know me. That makes sense!

Francine also suggested that I make a movie, to spread the word about how to do HR properly, globally and in a sustainable fashion. (Francine also told me that I look great. She told me that "all the girls in public school agreed that you had the nicest legs in Saskatchewan").

Her suggestion has its pros and cons. 
My Dad, Pierre Elliot, always used to tell me "Gloria be careful. Look at the pros and the cons." My mother always told my Dad, "Pierre Elliot, she'll never get married that way!"

The pros of this suggestion is that if I am frank and earnest, no one knows how to do HR better than I do. When I look in the mirror every morning, I see a thought leader, and big data master.

The cons are that I am surrounded by the wrong people, who will not go over well in a movie.
  • Comrade Carl Marks speaks with a thick Leningrad accent, although he was born and bred in the US. 
  • CEO Stan takes credit for everything, and I will look like side-show Bob, or Barbara, as it were.
  • Straight Hugh White from Diversity is bizarre, and his obsession with sexual preferences will make all the movie into pornography. He is also so white that he cannot be filmed.
  • Cynthia Axe carries "the mark of Cain" and makes the HR profession look shameful. She lacks compassion, and suffers from a downsizing obsession which makes me ill, as it were.

I discussed this with Francine and she made it clear that I should make the film anyway. Francine is one of my most sane friends.

She also suggested that I say a few words in French in the movie, to illustrate that HR business partnership can be exotic, as it were.

I love the term "as it were."

Here is the major challenge: I do not want to embarrass my HR colleagues who would be exposed to our state-of-the-art way of doing things.

I need the input and comments. Should I move ahead, in a timely fashion?