Sunday, 14 September 2014

HR Analytics as a Strategic Asset

More important that Cloud Computing?
Mais oui!

The shelf time of HR buzzwords seems to be getting shorter!
I heard a lecture (90 second podcast) today that HR Analytics may become more powerful than cloud computing and/or big data. 

It was just yesterday when I guided my staff to mutter "cloud computing" 3 times a day.  Whilst using the term "HR Business Partner" or "Big Data", my staff was also told to pray facing towards the East (Rome, Mecca, Istanbul and/or Jerusalem).

These HR slogans remind me of a horse race that Dad (Pierre Elliot) and I went to in Montreal when visiting my grandmother (Chantal) . We went to Blue Bonnets......With HR Analytics "leading Big Data and Cloud by a head on the final stretch". 

In those days, there were no analytics....Dad just placed his $2 bet on horses with French names.

So, back to the final stretch..... It appears that HR Analytics is here to stay and may take the race. I have taken some action, as it were. I love the term, "as it were".

I have renamed Hugh White's role as Diversity chief and HR Analytics Coordinator. Ms Axe's (Cynthia) role is Head of Early Bird Retirement and HR Analytics and Staff Satisfaction sacrificial lamb.

The name of my role stays the same.   I am, after all, almost a legend in my own time, as it were. Even in Denmark.

Je me souviens

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