Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Close the smart phone in intimate moments, daily

Close the phone in intimate moments

Dear Readers,

Do not get the impression that I am addicted to my smartphone.
There are moments of intimacy when I put my Samsung Note 9  on "silent". These moments are listed in my own big data cache from which I will share a few examples.

The other day, CEO Stan told me that I was a great business partner. When I hear these words, I feel so close to Stan that I close my phone.....and then ask Stan to demote R&D chief Comrade Carl Marks.

I overheard an ugly discussion between Mrs Ludmilla White and her husband Mr Hugh White, the white heterosexual who runs Diversity. I silenced my phone to focus on their intimacy as my ear was pressed to the wall of Hugh's office.

I have purchased an HR training horse named Jean-Marie. Jean-Marie will replace all coaches and change managers.
When I mount Jean-Marie and gallop thru the fields, my phone is on "vibrate" only. Jean Marie runs so quickly, I cannot feel the phone as it vibrates.

Choose your own moments of intimacy, close your phones, and savour the moments.

Chief People Officer, Senior Coach, EVP HR, and master texter

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