Monday, 30 June 2014

Decimating (and developing) Middle Management in one blow

We have an axe-tra layer of Management

As a senior HR thought leader, coach, master-texter and business partner steeped in big data and gossip, I have always favoured decimating middle management in one "fell swoop", especially when my boss Stan's wife (Wifey) suggests that is what we need to do.

In R&D, deposing of middle management may be a challenge. The role of R&D middle management is linguistic, since only 5% of our technical staff speak English. Comrade Carl Marks gives misguided directions in Russian-accented English or Russian, and his middle management translates these directions into one of the tribal dialects, like Chinese, Ukrainian, Cantonese, Tamil or Jewish.

It must be noted that our engineers are linguistically divided into what one of our South African employees (old de Villiers) calls "language bantustans".  
In HR there is no middle management to eliminate. I am the only one with brains, so I have yet to develop a management pipe line. 
Who could I appoint at this stage to HR middle management-that irrelevant heterosexual white boy from Diversity, Hugh White? Mais non.  Or perhaps a certain Cynthia Axe, the axe bearer who ruins our morale and gets me bad press coverage? No way. 

Perhaps in twenty years I will have a management pipeline in HR. Then, I will decimate the pipeline as ordered.

Hugh White-Mais non!

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