Thursday, 3 July 2014

Words mean a lot to a girl, even if she is in HR.

July index

"Words can win your heart, Gloria. Make sure you find a partner who is eloquent." This was advice given to me by my Dad, the late Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom.

Well I have yet to find a beau (French), but words do mean a lot to me, especially HR slogans.

So, here is the June HR Management Slogan Usage Index, measuring the use of critical slogans promoted by HR business partnership:

"Big data" up 878% on heavy trading. (Our CEO thinks that big data may save his career in the next Board meeting).`

`A people company`` down 123%! People day was cancelled due to anger management issues of a very senior executive whose name starts with S. 

``Hire Train and Retrain`` down 30,000% for almost no reason whatsoever. Ms Cynthia Axe wears this slogan on her lapel as she recruits people to our Early Bird Retirement Club.

`Human Capital` up 89,767% as Gloria Ramsbottom attends a 90 second webinar, as she plans to roll out August as ``human capital month``.

"Community Involvement" is up 2.2% after Chief Bigdata Nerd Comrade Carl Marks checked in for digital detox at the urban health clinic after lunch.

Hire, train, retrain , Axe gently


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