Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Dangers posed by High Performance

Hi performers need my special attention

Although CEO Stan and I generally communicate by text, today, Stan sent me a email with an attachment about our high performers! Mais oui!

In the email, Stan pointed out some non-sustainable issues around the high performers in our company. And I quote.

a-There are too few high performers from the "Big Data A Team", Engineering or Sales, as opposed to a plethora of high performers in HR, such as Cynthia Axe.

b-High performers tend to earn "too much money" and are "overly eager" to be promoted "all the time".

c-Instead of motivating mediocre people to become high performers, everyone seems to wonder why they themselves are not high performers.

d-What message are we giving to our company, given the fact that the erratic #IoT chief, Comrade Carl Marks, has been classified as a high performer since Joseph Stalin was premier of Russia.

e-Some high performers, like Thor Smartahss from the algorithm team in the Faroe Islands, have "too many ideas".

I suggested to Stan to draw up a plan that "will enable us to leverage high performance without upsetting the apple cart". Now I need to figure out what this means. I will use big data.

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