Monday, 12 May 2014

Personality disorders of senior managers

Narcissist and Marxist

Our new big-data based product has encountered “some” non-wow issues with key customers.There are reported 38,007 bugs, 87% of them impact client revenue.

Our clients have bombarded our company with complaints about the product, and one (key) client has suggested to our CEO Stan that he insert our new product into his rectum. (Sorry).

Chief nerd and product architect Comrade Carl Marks addressed the issue of what he called "acute product stability calamity disorder" in our  management meeting:

"Kibinimat, this is not an R&D issue; why doesn't Gloria Ramsbottom from Manpower just speed up hiring a few skilled "service people" to iron out the creases?" (Comrade Carl was wearing a Confederate Flag as well as a picture of Putin on his T shirt).

In our HR weekly meeting in my office over lunch, Diversity Chief Hugh White suggested that Comrade Carl has a narcissistic” personalityCynthia Axe, our downsizing diva, claims that Comrade Carl is a Marxist, not a "Narcist". 
Hugh White claimed that the Confederate flag is a matter of personal choice from a diversity perspective.

We all know Comrade Carl is aligned with the proletarian and has some Marxist ideas. 

My late father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, was somewhat left wing as well; Dad voted NDP, starting from the days of Tommy Douglas. When I explain to my staff who the great Douglas was, Hugh White said: "He was like Obama, but White".  Hugh White is the white heterosexual boy who runs diversity.
Douglas was also Canadian, so no one knows about him.

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