Sunday, 18 May 2014

HR and Internet of Things clash

I have always believed in the need to pinpoint the added value of HR.
Here is an illustrative case study.
Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux

  To: Stan, CEO
   From: Comrade Carl Marks
   CC :Gloria Ramsbottom, HR

Could you kindly define HR manager Gloria Ramsbottom's "added value"?  
I have ordered  IT to block Gloria's internet password until we all have a definitive answer. I need big data.

Thanks and ogromnoe spasibo
Comrade Carl Marks

-----          ----------          ---------- 
   To Gloria, HR; Comrade Carl
   From Stan, CEO

Gloria, send Carl your job description now.
Carl, give Gloria access to the internet in a timely fashion. What does spasiba mean, for Christ sake? 


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