Thursday 24 April 2014

HR asked to deal with a "service" issue because Comrade Carl forgot his medicine this morning.

Another weekend is ruined

My dearest Gloria,

I never told you face to face, but I think you are both agile, wise and cunning, a smashing combination for an HR manager. This is big data!

In my opinion, HR brings more value than Supply Chain, thanks to your agile nature.

Our new product is about to be deployed; a quality audit suggests that we have a few bugs (34,980), of which only 8 can impact our clients' revenue.

I wanted to inform you that we in R&D have finished developing this product, and will transfer responsibility over to a new product deployment team in Customer Service. 
As our agile HR business partner, please recruit the appropriate nerds and staff up where necessary. I will lend a "helping hand" once you bring me a candidate to lead this effort. Basically, the product is now a "service issue".

In two weeks, my staff will hand over the product documentation, which is being written up by an engineer in Kiev who has some English skills. (I know this engineers' sister.)

Our CEO Stan thinks these plans of mine are "solid". Stan does not believe R&D needs to be involved in any more grunt work on this emerging technology.

Two more things, Glo. I think Cynthia Axe's cleavage is too pronounced. And don't you think that having a White heterosexual run Diversity is a bit biased? Spasiba!

Comrade Carl Marks

Senior Vice President R&D

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