Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The ten basic components of a global mindset

I get all answers right, daily.

I have developed the following tool for HR to determine the degree to which employees have  global outlook.

So let me know how well you do! Please answer briefly, because I skim answers

1) When an employee moves  from a North American home to a foreign dump or hut, how much salary can we deduct to make the package attractive to the employer?

2) Is Russian currency used in selected parts of the Ukraine?

3) In locations where there is limited electricity, is it necessary to transport household appliances?

4) Is 42 degrees Celsius considered hot?

5) Is big data available in French and tribal languages?

6) Why do South Africans keep changing the names of the cities where they were born?

7) Some employees want us to pay for additional ethnic and  tribal education of their children. How can they be threatened, gently, to back off?

8) Can we transport all relocating families by bus to the airports?

9) Who pays visa fees if an employees' wife comes from a pariah state where you need a visa to go to the toilet?

10) What to do with an engineer who claimed he was born in Naboomspruit who now claims to have been born in Mookgophong?

For correct answers, please wait on the line, and a big data attendant will be with you shortly.

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