Friday 28 February 2014

b brief

Keep it brief

After our 4 hour management weekly, Stan texted me to come to his room.
When I arrived, he was sweating like a pig and shaking like a leaf. "Gloria, our senior executives need to keep things brief. These goddamned filibusters need to end. Brevity is a people issue, Rambottom", fix it."

Stan was reacting to an "event" from the management meeting.

Comrade Carl Marks gave a 2 hour presentation about the "opportunities of internet-of-things", as a platform to bury our product's shortcomings. 

Here is one illustrative comment Comrade Carl made: "as we see convergence between shifting customer expectations into a coherent market-driven need, the crystallization of our feature set into a coherent solution must be both stychic and sophisticated, and an integral part of the internet of things". 

Then Carl spoke for another  90 minutes ending his ppt with "what is the true value of HR?"

I also may have contributed for Stan's "push for brevity". Hugh White (the white heterosexual who runs Diversity) hired a lad named Lek who speaks "limited" English, to drive ERP HR implementation. 

Lek is Thai and studied IT/HRIS in Japan, so his accent is "unique".  I asked Lek to present at the senior management meeting. Lek detailed the 40,000,932 outstanding issues in ERP HR implementation. Let's agree that Lek was "less than coherent" in a positive way

I made the point-ERP issues do not belong in the senior management meeting. When Lek finished, Stan (who was white as a sheet) asked to "shift down the priority of ERP HR; this does not need to come the senior management team, for Christ sake".

The brevity guidelines I am developing will appear in the next post. Mais oui!

Lek gave us the details.

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