Monday, 24 February 2014

A working lunch that resolved nothing

After Emerging Technologies Chief Nerd Comrade Carl Marks lashed out at HR in our senior leadership team yesterday, I invited Carl to "break bread" with me at Au Beau Pain.  That is a restaurant with a French name, if you did not notice. 

Comrade Carl, always the contrarian, said "Glo, let's go to a Russian restaurant; you'll love it". He feigned a Russian accent, as he does quite often!

 Did I ever tell you all that Comrade Carl Marks is an American, for heaven sake? He was born in  the USA, and his family sent him to Russia to study Internet of Things and Big Data. 

His parents were socialists! Now, I am a Canadian so that is not so shocking. As a matter of fact, my father Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, used to tell me "Glo, the commies are not wrong about everything".

Personally, politics do not interest me, but since I am an HR manager, organizational politics interests me almost as much as people!

At lunch, Carl talked for two hours, rambling endlessly about CEO Stan's erratic nature, the oppression of the working class, the beauty of Cynthia Axe's cleavage, and his negative and non-wow view of HR. Comrade Carl used the term "non value adding free lunchers" twice.

Comrade Carl drank 3 glasses of vodka and two beers. I did not put in a word, almost. 

To end the conversation, Comrade Carl told me, "you are a great gal, Ramsbottom, and you have great stems. Too bad you're not "aligned" with the working class; you need to be a socialist, Gloria; after all, you are a Canadian". Then he mumbled a few words as he looked at the bill. "Yop tvoyu mat, I drank too much!" 
I wish I knew what that explicative means!

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