Friday, 24 January 2014

Poor teamwork: Cynthia Axe and Hugh White clash

Ms Axe is high maintenance

Cynthia Axe (Early Bird Retirement Program Manager) and Hugh White (the white heterosexual boy who runs Diversity) came to my office and ask me to "put things in order".

I was sending some text messages and after 20 minutes, when compassion overcame me, I shepherded them in my room. 

Hugh had tears in his eyes when he gawked at my Blackberry Passport.

It appears that Hugh and Cynthia have "role ambiguity" which causes poor teamwork, as per Hugh's definition. 

I will quote what each side told me: 
  • Hugh: "In the process of downsizing minorities and normative-challenged staff, I need more say to ensure the process is in line with our key value of Diversity". 
  • Cynthia: "Get that weirdo off my back, Gloria".
Leadership has always been one of my strong points;  I asked Hugh if he wanted some work in Supply Chain, and I asked Cynthia if she wanted me to inform her father, the Reverend Oliver Axe, that she was now living with her third life partner in as many weeks.

I have been told that Ms Axe and Mr White are getting along fine.

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