Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A personal note -What makes me a perfect HR manager


Just a short clarification.
Often I mention that "my dad said" and then I quote something in French.
My dad, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom was born in St Boniface Manitoba (that's in Canada). 
My grandmother was from Quebec and my grandfather was from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

My Dad spoke to me in French until my brothers Frank and Ernest Ramsbottom were born. 
My sister Claire Ramsbottom de la Montagne does not speak one work of French!
My mother, Constance Ramsbottom, dislikes the French language.

My texting skills (400 words a minute on 3 mobiles simultaneously), my background as a senior secretary, my responsiveness (I solve all problems within 15 seconds of receiving a text),  the fact that I was a shift manager in a call centre, my deep love of people, my multilingualism and my hyphenated last time (I am single) make me a perfect senior HR manager and business partner. Mais oui!

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