Thursday, 12 December 2013

Today we care for our people. It's People Day

I also slummed around with Sarah Barracuda

Management spent time with the troops today in a hastily assembled "People Day", following a PR nightmare.

Hugh White from Diversity suggested all managers speak to people "they would not normally  associate with" and this is what we did! 

Hugh was very jocund after we adopted his proposal. I know the word "jocund" from crossword puzzles.

Cynthia People Axe (Involuntary  Early Bird Retirement) spent a few hours with our talented Engineers in the very small "Worldly American" Conference Room.

Diversity Chief Hugh People White spent some time with English speaking Caucasian engineers who celebrate Christmas. He did so in the huge "Export Democracy to the Mid East" Room.

R&D Chief Nerd Comrade Carl "People" Marks spent some times with Sales People in the "Free Faroe Islands" Room. Carl was treated for injuries and released with 2 broken ribs and a black eye.

CEO Stan X (name not known) spent his time (on his cell phone) with customer service engineers whilst stuck in the elevator. Stan told me that "they whined about the challenges of servicing an undocumented and non existing product".

I spent my time in my office, texting a corporate communique and reading my texts. However, one of my low level clerks, Sarah Barracuda, the Head of Procurement, came by and she gossiped about 4 vendors she has driven into receivership.

I am getting to like Sarah. She is a people person after all.

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