Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wow, wow-wow, and wow-wow-wow-a clarification

Texting enthusiasm 

The positiveness, clarity (and civility) of  organizational communication is a cornerstone on my HR teams' goals.

As the year draws to end, CEO Stan and my team have had a pow wow (not from the word wow) to discuss the communication of three mission critical messages: 

  • the wow-wow-wow message (3 wows); 
  • the wow-wow message (2 wows) 
  • and the wow message (one wow).

The wow-wow-wow message is that our 2019 growth strategy is in place. The growth was to have begun in 2018, but because of the lunar new year which some tribes in our company go by, we pushed out growth by a year.

The wow-wow message is that one of our key clients is considering deploying a (non existent) product, which may ease cash flow within two years, which Stan calls "Bridge Years". (My crude father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, would have call this "blowing smoke up your own a--").

The wow message is that our Heath Care Program will shift to preventive health care, our Talent Management Program will be contingent on recruiting talent, and Ms Cynthia Axe, Head of our involuntary Early Bird Retirement Plan, will have her hands full. Axe will be supported by a Reputation Coach.

Hugh White (Diversity) will ensure the logo of our corporate messages is in white, black and yellow. 

All three wow messages, when rolled into one message, will be considered big (or huge) data.

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