Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sexual Harassment suit filed against Cynthia Axe: Stan Panics

Two days ago, Cynthia Axe started charging an annual paltry sum to members of our Early Bird Retirement Plan, based on use of global and sustainable big data.

Notice the words : global, sustainable and big data in one sentence!

The  $14  a year charge appeared to  be reasonable to a trigger happy Cynthia Axe. She was "almost right" and her decision was non wowish. The big data she used was not big enough.

Ms Cynthia Axe was sued for s-axe-ual harassment in a group action suit  filed by the 44,098 men she has "trimmed" in the last decade. The legal firm of Wood, Parker, Pines and Hart filed the suit citing use of an axe as a sexual symbol of control, and claim their party suffered damages to the sum of 560,000 USD.
ניתן לקנות דירה לכל ילד,בלב תל אביב

Wifey read news flash that "Immature Products served in S-axe-ual Harassment Suit and texted me:
"Glo-control this; I am on the way! Wifey

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