Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Our commitment to the community-for heaven sake

My father would have said: This is BS
His name was Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom

Wifey told CEO Stan to solidify our commitment to the community. Wifey loves the word community, although she voted Republican.

So we are "staffing" our Semi-Voluntary Early Bird Retirement Plan in a wow wow wow pace (3 wows) of 12 people an hour, which frees them for volunteer work, but Stan texted me "That is not enough Gloria....Wifey is all over me. It needs to be real. Move your behind Gloria, now".

Diversity Chieftain Hugh White (a Caucasian) wants  to "liaise" with the "more diverse members" of the community. Hugh does not realize that we have more diversity in R&D than in the community at large; for heaven sake, no one in R&D speaks English or has a normal sounding global first name, like Chuck, Pauline, Ed, Stephanie, Maggy or אלון.

I need to think this over, but I have no time to think, since I am so busy texting (since I also own "corporate communications").

I will semd this sms/text to Cynthia Axe, cc'ing Hugh White

To: Axe (Cynthia)@downsizing-early-bird/involuntary
CC: Hugh.White@Caucasian.com

"Strengthen our link to community within a week. Please provide with with measurement tools so I can measure daily."
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