Friday, 11 October 2013

HR gets bad press. It's unfair.

Cynthia's lack of discretion

In order to enable a certain hot-headed and trigger happy Cynthia Axe to meet her 40 heads a week downsizing quota, we enabled use of Skype group "resizing" conference calls.

The local press carried a hateful, spiteful and non wow headline:
Worst Management Practice of the Month: In our home  town!
Pires pratiques de gestion-Chez Nous!

The article itself mention Ms Axe by name and in passing, mentioned CEO Stan. 
My name was not mentioned, in line with the fact that a former "acquaintance" of mine works as an editor.

Stan texted me a very non wow message, and I issued this text to all, at the speed of 400 words a minute, after tax:

  • Ms Cynthia Axe has shown a certain lack of discretion, stemming from her uncouth zeal. Her boss will look into this matter.
  • CEO Stan disapproves of the use Skype to fire people, "in most cases".
  • When Skype will be use to axe people "heretofore", a medical team will be "put in place, in line with our core values."
  • Huge White, Head of Diversity,  will ensure that minorities get axe-ceptional treatment.
Friends in the right places

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