Sunday, 13 October 2013

Getting more wood behind the engagement arrow

The engagement arrow

I must be honest: Cynthia  Axe has been a non performer. Ms Axe heads our Early Bird Retirement Plan, also known as the Load Shedding/Morale Boosting Unit.

Axe recruits/sheds 40 engineers monthly, recruiting them to our "Early Bird Alumnus Club" and the level of satisfaction from her performance non non non wow. (3 nons). Staff mistrusts her whilst management believes she is too slack.

In 2015, the goal of Ms Axe will be "to get more wood behind the engagement arrow". Meaning, I want all our downsized staff to remain engaged and become good will ambassadors.

My Dad, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, would have told me "you are crazier than a $2 bill Gloria. Once you fire an employee, they don't give a shit about you anymore".

Dad was old fashioned. He did not have Internet of Things at his disposal.

The engagement arrow

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  1. Fairness and transparency helps, but a disgruntled employee is going to be a disgruntled ex-employee.