Thursday, 8 August 2013

Looking for Japan Expert

I am a pleasure to work with

CEO Stan is off to Japan on a business trip.

His mission (Stan loves that word) is to convince a Japanese trading company to sell our "emerging" technology.

Stan believes that based on our axe-perience in Cuba, Bolivia, Chad, Quebec and Indonesia, there is huge growth potential in Japan.

Stan called in a Japan business consultant who told Stan things he did not want to hear:

1-The utmost importance of quality

2-The use of a reputable reference point
3-Focus on building credibility, reliability and hard work, not bragging about a future technological capability.

Stan fired the consultant, using the services of an ultra cruel Ms Cynthia Axe, who chased the consultant out of our offices, whilst throwing rotten eggs in his direction.

I am now looking for a cost effective consultant who mission is "to convince the Japanese trading company to listen closely to Stan and take more risks." 

We pay by barter, within 120 days.

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