Thursday, 1 August 2013

One of our new employees has only one name

Having one name "makes no sense".

Our big data department has just hired an engineer from  Naypyidaw who has only one name name,  Thiri. She is female, yet neither I nor Ms Axe knew her gender "a priori" when she signed up. A priori a Roman word.

Axe (Cynthia) did not want me to sign off on her job offer until she created a family name, "like all of us", as per Ms Axe, always the academic. (I pointed out to Ms Axe that many Spaniards have up to 39 family names.)

I consulted Winston Wu, my IT lead and my direct subordinate, who decided that "Thiri" will be entered in both fields (family and surname) as Thiri, which does not contribute to our Bigdata base, quite the opposite.

The Engineering Department also employs a Thai whose last name Supitayaporn. Our team in Ottawa calls him "Porn". I also have a member of my team whose last name is Axe. She is the Head of Early Bird Retirement. I CANT repeat what people call her. Tak.

In the accounting department, there is an employee called Guillaume; I call him Billy-boy. in line with my core value of feigned familiarity.

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