Wednesday, 31 July 2013

From HRIS to Big Data leveraging Exit Interviews, aka Axe-it interviews

Cynthia does axe-it interviews

Ms Axe (Cynthia), in the framework of data migration from HRIS to Big Data, has been carrying out exit interviews, aka, axe-it interviews, in line with her role as Head of Involuntary Early Bird Retirement. 

Winston Wu, our IT consultant wants to get his hands on this data, because he says it is big. 

I told Axe that if I even see Axe and Wu on the same elevator, Axe will be axed.

(Wu is Canadian yet Wu's grandfather may have been born in Hong Kong, on Kowloon Side near 佐敦, so Hugh White from Diversity considers him Diverse.

Some of the data from exit interviews is admittedly not wow wow, and some of the data is a semi wow. One piece of big data from exit interviews is wow wow wow. (3 wows)

  • 0.01% of the 45,000 people Cynthia has axed look back at Immature Products as a "great company under sterling leadership". (This means we need a PR campaign with a cost effective vendor).
  • 0.0000000001% would recommend to a friend getting a job in our company, but 77% would recommend to a non friend to get a job here at Immature Products.



  1. I having been reading some of your stuff and not knowing when to understand what. The level of sarcasm that you have used is often baffling yet interesting to learn and understand.

    1. Dear Ziaur
      Thank you for your comment.
      Your name is very global but not sustainable.
      In Immature Products, people are advised to take American and Canadian nicknames, to create seamless communication.
      Perhaps Si Raymond?

  2. Maya
    Why is there a cross in the O of your name?
    Is this global?
    Is this sustainable?