Friday, 30 August 2013

4 candidates for Employee of the Year

I vote for Boris Ivanovich

The "final" list of nominees for Employee of the Year has been released.

The winner will be chosen by a bi-partisan team consisting of Stan, our CEO, VP HR Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux and EVP R&D Carl Marks.

Candidate #1   Sharon Levy (male, Tel Aviv)

Sharon was nominated because his 3 mobile phones are on 24 hours a day; he texts in traffic and answers all emails instantly, backing up his answer with a text message.

Candidate #2   Ivan Stachanovitch (male, Moscow)

Ivan has worked 4 years without a day off. He has met his wife once and does not know the name of his children. (The question needs to be asked if there are his father Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom would have said.)

Candidate #3      Jean-Marie Desjardins (male, Paris-mais oui)

Jean Marie worked for 2 half days during August last year on a client issue.

Candidate #4      Dick Ricardson (male, Burlington Vermont)

Dick is American born yet knows a foreign language. He can speak 9 words of Spanish !


  1. Obviously no criteria for nominations. Suspect there are few/none for the award either.

    If it exists, that is.

    1. The award certainly ax-ists.
      It is called Stan's Boy Reward