Friday 5 July 2013

From EVP HR to Chief People Officer

Wifey, that irritating lady who is our CEO Stan's wife, read an article in magazine that it is very "au courant" to use the title Chief People Officer instead of HR Manager. Au courant is a French word meaning "in" or "cool". Although I am from Saskatchean, I speak French.

Stan sent me a text: "Glo, from next week, you are Chief People Officer, Congrats! Stan. PS No raise".

For heaven sake, this change is very upsetting; I am wondering if this change is threatening my seat at the table. Stan does not give a "hoot" about people yet he is very protective and even cunning in matters of "resource management". What does this change do to my power base? To my status? To my ability to maintain my Vendorless OD program?  Will I be able to keep my Samsung Note 10?  Or will I be given a hated I-Phone?

The politically ass-tute and cunning Ms Axe (Cynthia) , who is the Head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan, has warned me that the "Early Bird Retirement Plan" fits in very well with Human Resources, but not so well or wow with "Chief People Officer." Ms Axe has told me to "push back" on Stan's decision. Axe believes the name change is a non wow wow wow wow. She rarely uses 4 negative wows.

Winston Wu, who reports to me as "IT Lead" and serves as my representative on the "Diversity Team" because his grand dad was born in Hong Kong, told me that the new name of Chief People Officer is wow wow wow. Ms Axe (Cynthia) believes that Wu is trying to woo his way out of reporting to me. 

Hong Kong is sort of in China, but not really. It is very hot there in the summer; I went shopping in Causeway Bay  銅鑼灣 -prices were very axe-pensive.  I often wonder is Hong Kong is to China like Scotland is to the UK. I have a VERY close crony I can ask.

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