Friday, 28 June 2013

Jump starting a global mindset

Here are 5 steps to jumpstart a global mindset.

1) Use a hyphenated last name, like Ramsbottom-Lemieux. A glance at the Ottawa phone book can be helpful. (My sister also has a hyphenated last name: Claire Ramsbottom de la Montagne)

2) Use proper and apprpriate global names. If you are  called Pierre, switch to Peter. If you are called Inam, switch to Irene. If you are Moshe or Mohammed, use Morris. If your last name is French yet you are American, or your last name is Holland and you are French, this is not all global. Or sustainable.

3) Read foreign journalism. Stan's wife reads the Joseph George Daily (, which is published in India. India is in Asia. Now that is foreign!

4) Avoid reading Allon Shevat's Global Blog, which is pure nonsense.

5) Call your talent management program Global Talent Management.

6) Whereever you travel to, get home for the weekend.

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