Monday, 22 April 2013

Mission Statement for Accounts Payable

Miss Axe shared her observations
Mais oui!

Stan has asked HR to "prepare and propagate" a new mission statement for our Accounts Payable Dept.

The department has been guided to be

  • thrifty
  • global &sustainable
  • hands-on
  • payment-off (till further notice)
  • engaged and detached
  • passion to win more credit from the bank
  • creative
  • semi cruel in a humane fashion
The statement needs to be less than 50 words and easy to memorize. Our wow suppliers need to read the statement and say: wow wow wow- payment off for now. (We will be paying big data vendors on time per truckload of data)

(Mlle Cynthia Axe, Head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan, reports "an attitude of dysfunctional drama" every time she walks by A/P cubicles.)

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