Thursday, 18 April 2013

Due diligence is not being carried out, yet.......

A group of global investment bankers is visiting our firm, locked up with Stan in his spacious yet not ostentatious room.
With Stan in the room is our legal council from the office of ``McLauglin, McFarland, McNab, MacDonald, MacIntyer and Max Schwartz``. (They are a very global and diverse firm.)

I have just issued a text message "to all" that no due diligence is being carried out on our wow wow wow technology and our emerging wow support capabilties.

I firmly stand behind Stan.

I have a record in Purchasing and Logistics. I am motivated and I have a CPC (certified private coach), and I am presently working on my PhD in Coaching, HR and Philosophy. I am loyal and dedicated. I can text 200 words a minute, blindfolded. Anyone with any leads....just leave me a message.

Merci. (that's French)

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