Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Getting Money from Discretionary Budget to Talent Management

My sister, Madame Claire Ramsbottom-Lamontagne is having her third nose job next week. Silly goose!

Stan has "cleared" my half day off and he has had the company pay for a private  hospital room for sis in which use of my Blackberry Q 10 is permitted, so I can serve as strategic business partner with Stan right after sis comes out of the operating room

I initially entered this budget expense of Stan's  as "discretionary"; Stan has now asked this be entered as "social  responsibility" and "talent management".

When I asked Stan about the "talent management" "piece", he told me that until now, this budget is untouched and "we need to show the Board some progress on this issue".

Stan is so astute to the intricacies of politics. I hope one day to be as smart as he is.

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  1. hmmmm,I think in a previous job Stan was ceo of a US financial institution....