Monday, 15 April 2013

Thought Leadership in HR

Wifey (Stan, our CEO's better half) and I had lunch today,  following the removal of a certain Ms Cynthia Axe from Stan's office.
Wifey thanked me for "repositioning" Ms Ax as a 3rd rank file clerk in addition for her responsibility as the Head of our Early Bird Retirement plan.

Wifey told me that I needed to establish thought leadership in HR and perhaps, that would help Stan calm down because he complains that "employee issues are killing us".

I thought this over this morning while texting a friend of mine and here are my ideas:

1) We will all wear " Thought Leadership-That's HR"  T shirts.

2) Our Training Program, when it gets funded, will be called Thought Leadership Training.

4) I will add the letters TL to my name, just like CPC (certified private coach).

5) I will rename the "Global Conference Room" to the "Global Thought Leadership Room"

6) Have a mission statement: "Don't gimme no lip: establish thought leadership"

7) I will say "thought leadership" twice an hour.

8) Miss Ax will be measured on thought leadership in downsizing.

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