Monday, 29 April 2013

Creating better alignment at the senior level

Several wows missing

Today we had the first day of a  Performance Review Board which evaluated how Q4 is going "in real time." Things are almost a semi-wow yet Stan wants a wow wow wow wow. (4 wows)

Stan sent me a text this evening asking me to present an alignment plan between Sales and R&D to present tomorrow to our battle fatigued management team, who still maintains a passion to win (their yearly bonus).

Here is the plan. 

1) Align "talent to task" to improve the average shelf life of an engineer, which presently stands at 5 months. This can be done by simplifying tasks or recruiting some talent.

2) Align linguistic skills using a Cuban vendor to teach English grammar.   I may also commission a webinar vendor in  Scotland to improve the accent of the Russians.

3) Align the Sales Team  understanding the value of emerging technology, so they do not take out such huge mortgages that they quit every few months, just because our product is "emerging".

4) Align both teams to mitigate hatred of a certain Cynthia Axe, Head of Early Bird Retirement Plan. I shall suggest they all take a cooking class together via a webinar; Axe can be the judge which team has better cooks.

5) I will commission a poster: "You'd better align or you are on borrowed time."

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