Tuesday, 30 April 2013

French company doing due diligence-I am not at ease

The French never axe anyone

A group(e) of French investors is doing due diligence on our company.

This is very good news, except for a certain Ms. Cynthia Axe, who heads our Early Bird Retirement Plan which enables the the constant right sizing of our "capabilities".

I know that the  French only hire people and never fire anyone, which will enable Ms Axe to move on and spend more time with her family.  However,  Ms Axe has no family. 

The French investors claim that our focus will be only on the French market, and that we shall be a "mid size" or "family-like" business, if they invest

They are snooping around and use the term "savoir faire" all the time. That means "know how." This makes me feel global, but not sustainable. Non wow, so to speak.

Perhaps I could work for the World Bank, Apple, Google or Ottawa City Hall. Or, perhaps I can become a coach! I took a course that enables me to use "VGC" after my name: very good coach.

My listless mind is not at ease.

Not at ease

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