Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lead by avoiding fake news: case study

Our product is a pearl

A scathing article appeared in a high brow online technical journal claimed that our newest product, "was released pre maturely in an embryonic stage. Users are flabbergasted by the number of useless features which appear to be totally unrelated to business needs. Luckily, 12 software engineers and 2 orderly Swiss bots have defected from the engineering team under the leadership of the bizarre Comrade Carl Marks, in order to work for clients who purchased this so called product".

Our CEO Stan had read the article at dawn; at breakfast Wifey had printed the article and told Stan to "read this before you eat your porridge". Stan lost his appetite only to come to work all the more flustered.
The article was the first issue on our agenda in the senior management meeting held this morning. "What do you have to say about this, Comrade Carl? You ensured me that the product is a pearl. And what about you, Gloria? Defection is in the realm of HR, for Christ's sake. Speak up, or I will fire you both. Trump is no fool".

Comrade Carl, cool as a Danish cucumber on a dark December morning, said, "Spasiba and thank you-I only scanned the article because I avoid false news. However, let's look at cause and effect by examining the role of HR in the defection scandal. In East Germany, the Staatssicherheitsdienst ....."

CEO Stan interrupted and told Carl to "avoid using long German words".

But the Comrade continued "unabated" which is a nice word.  "In East Germany, the state police knew everything about everyone: their comings and goings, the food that they ate, their political opinions and even their sex lives. Our HR department doesn't know Jack Shit about anyone. Therefore, our ranks are more permeated with traitors than the American government by Russian spies. It's time for Gloria from HR to stop being such a liberal Canadian. We need kompromat (компромат)about our nerds, not HR data analytics."

Then Comrade Carl looked at me and said, "take it from here Baby".

I remember that my Dad Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom used to talk about spying a lot at the dinner table. Dad used to say that British intelligence is totally infiltrated by the Russians and that the East Germans have a listening device up everyone's ass. My mother used to say to Dad, "Pierre Elliot watch your tongue. You forget that our dainty young daughter is impressionable."


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