Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Introducing our HR Bot- a unique user experience

People Day

Today was a very special day in our firm-People Day. On this very day, we put people first, so to speak. As a matter of fact, "people-focus" is one of our core values.

We also have another core value, "HR as technology pioneer". 

So, putting both values together (synergy), we allowed our staff to stay at home for people day by using our new HR bot to provide a people day user experience remotely.

I programmed the bot using my bare hands. In line with my core values of partial transparency, I will share with you the code used in the bot's brain.

The bot has six answers. Every time a question is asked, the same six answers are flashed to the user in random order, in line with our core value of creativity.

Did you notice my huge focus on core values? I always emphasize values on People Day.

Here are the six answers that the bot sprouts.

1) Don't worry-we won't fire you by text.
2) Yes and no. Let me consult the procedure.
3) To book travel, call Greyhound directly.
4) Sorry Svetlana, but our HR bot speaks English only. Tak.
5) Sorry, you accent is very strong! Are you Thai, Danish or German?
6) Thank so so much for asking the HR bot. Version two will be released yesterday.

Just in case you don't know, we update our core values weekly as wwwwww.updatecorevalues/gloria/HR/lady.

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