Friday, 7 October 2016

A day in the life of the First Lady of HR

In biology class in grade 7, we dissected a frog  named Clarence. My teacher Mr Paul Hecht told me, "Gloria, you dissected that frog with great skill. Make sure to get yourself get a career in HR." Actually, he used the French term RH, not HR.

As as I was doing my nails today, I asked myself, "why not dissect my workday so that readers can understand what makes me the first lady of HR?" So, in align with my core value of tooting my own horn, here is what my day looks like.

0300 am          Check text messages, ignoring employees; addressing CEO Stan's "queries".
0600 am          Make sure that all 3 smartphones are fully charged.
0601 am          Eat 3 cheeseburgers and take my thyroid medication.
0609 am         Text my employees (Axe and White) to ensure that they are awake
0611 am          Check dating sites
0859 am          Get into the executive elevator 
0900-1 pm      Connive, gossip and pedal influence, missing nothing
1 pm - 2 pm    Eat lunch with a senior executive, often Comrade Carl Marks
2 pm               Check dating sites
3 pm -7 pm     Analyse data and read Fru Maya's tweets
7 pm- 11 pm   Chair a meeting on work life balance
Midnight         Check dating site
1 am               Fall asleep with my Blackberry on silent mode.

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  1. It's an honour to be part of your daily schedule. Daily.