Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Workforce on demand

Ms Axe is displaying initiative

Miss Cynthia Axe is studying Human Resource Management, level 4, at a night course at a publicly funded trashy community college. 

Level four focuses on downsizing, restructuring, efficiency, agile process improvement, managing human inventory levels, mid size data, and agile people skills. 

Last week, Cynthia told me that they had an agile guest lecturer (with a posh British accent) who spoke about "workforce on demand". Axe told me she had been up all night after the lecture, thinking about "how much more popular I would be if I did not need to fire people all day".

Never to be overtaken by my underlings, in line with my core value of agile talent management, I read a few texts and articles about "workforce on demand". To be frank and earnest, I think the idea makes no sense, unless my boss Stan indicates otherwise. (Stan is busy with the banks).

There are 2 reasons I am opposed:
  1. What would I do with our engagement plan?
  2. Who would respect HR as business partners, if all the staff were freelancers....although I like the "free" part.
I instructed the ambitious Ms Axe to take initiative on downsizing process improvement, in line with my core value of efficiency.

Talent is my middle name

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