Friday, 15 August 2014

3 ways to influence key decisions

Stan never makes some decisions without me

Last night, I spoke at a leading community college; I addressed the "Becoming a Senior Secretary 101" course on the topic:  How can HR influence major  organizational decisions.

I closed my Blackberry Passport for most of the lecture, although I have a legal issue on my mind. 

Here are the main points of my lecture:

Far too often, psychopathic CEO's, CFOs with tunnel vision or technical goons try to make key decisions without input from the people perspective. 

As HR manager, People is your middle name, even though you are also a business partner! So factoring people into the equation is HR's job.

HR needs to insert itself gently into the decision making loop. And when the "gentle" part does not work, brute force and use of carpet bombing is necessary.

My 3 agile guidelines to aspiring HR managers are-

1-15-20 text messages per key decision need to be sent to all members of the senior management team, daily.

2-use of veiled threats (such as you may not get a new smartphone soon) are not useless.

3-creation of perceived HR value is generated by the use of the slogans like "HR business partner", 'from a business perspective", or "bottom line, we need to ensure engagement of the human capital, which is as important as big data and cloud computing".

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