Thursday, 12 June 2014

Who does an HR manager/ thought leader want to date?

Je cherche un copain

When exasperated by my "untamed and unfocused" ambition as well as my shrill, demanding voice, Dad (Pierre Elliot) would tell me "We all know that "easy" you are not, Gloria".

Dad warned me that finding a man will be challenging. "Men want peace and quiet. You are not there yet, mon chou".

Well I am 32 years old and I have become a thought leader as well as dignified, senior vice president of HR with a Blackberry Classic. And yes, I may be looking for a boyfriend, or, un copain.

I discussed this desire of mine with my coach, who also flips burgers, works in talent management and is studying Kaballah (not a French word)  although he is Presbyterian. He suggested that I tell all my admirers what I am looking for here on my blog .

My requirements are pretty simple; after all I am from a small town in Saskatchewan called Moose Jaw. I am looking for a lad with a lot of patience, very, very (2 verys) ambitious and over 6 feet tall. 

The only "non negotiable requirement" is that he must be a leading figure in big data. He must be able to translate big data data into a concrete work plan both for me, my subordinates (Axe and White), and provide me with a competitive and sustainable advantage in HR for a period of twenty years, when someone may replace me.

Residency in France helpful (I fly first class, svp).

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