Tuesday 24 December 2013

Bridging Communication Gaps Via Global Communication Procedure

Defining away complexity is a sustainable part of HR's role

Following a communication fiasco between R&D and Sales which ended in the flinging of 3 hot pizzas into the open space of Sales by angry Indian, Chinese, Russian and Israelite nerds, CEO Stan texted me to "put together a procedure to prevent this type of event from happening again".

I sent this text to "all":
  1. The preferred channel of communication is texting, or Whatsapp groups.
  2. Meeting face to face is done only if there is no other choice.
  3. Messages should be no more than 20 words, crisp and civil.
  4. Each text should have one, simple to understand idea.
  5. Texts can be sent in English or poor English ; the Russian language is banned.
  6. If you have an accent, and cannot pronounce certain letters like W, you must spell properly anyVay.
  7. Hugh White, the white heterosexual boy who runs Diversity, gives exemptions from proper spelling.
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