Friday, 19 July 2013

Working lunches creative work work work life balance

Bon apetite -that's French

Policy Statement: 

Our CEO Stan has come out in favour of working lunches.  

Stan understands the need to eat!
HR supports Stan, in the framework of social responsibility and our work work work life balance program!

Status and Changes:

1-Stan has working lunches at his global and sustainable mahogany desk. 

His personal chef, K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein, prepares cost effective lasagna, which allow him to stay focused and drive our success. 
K. Ray Beauregard-Goldstein has mixed ethnicity.

2-Our entire HR department uses lunchtimes to work and play, creating this work work work life balance

4 times a week, we watch cost effective webinars on creative ways to reengage our employees and re-size, whilst keeping morale sky high.

3-The rest of the company smokes in the parking lots, or dithers in the dining room, speaking tribal languages and eating food from ethnic restaurants. This will now change as follows:

a-Lunches are now called global working-lunches.

b-Please feel free to eat yet send work related sms-text related messages and emails.
c-Eat at the work station and elevator, unless Stan is in the elevator. Stan does like appreciate tribal foods.
d-Our cafeteria will be undergoing agile renovations with a vendor yet to be chosen and never to be paid. 
e-Please avoid dropping crumbs on  your keyboard.
f-Avoid spilling coffee on your company owned Blackberry.
g-Idle chatter and socializing are encouraged on weekends.
h Each employee is encouraged to watch an HR webinar once a week, whilst having a working lunch.
i-VIRTUAL PARENTING IS ALLOWED DURING WORKING LUNCHES, for the first ten minutes of lunch break.

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