Monday, 1 July 2013

这是很难学好英语-how am I supposed to know what this means-for Heaven Sake

As we move to a more global and sustainable world, the Chinese and Russians in our company need to do their part and learn proper English, for heaven sake. After all, English is the one and ONLY language of business. 

In India, everyone speaks English! In Singapore as well!
Even in Quebec (which is "up" in Canada) people have started to speak English.

Stan pointed out that it takes 40 years to learn Chinese; Stan told me that "no one uses Russian any more, except the Russians". So neither the Russian or Chinese language are either global, or sustainable.

How did the lanaguage issue come up?-one may ask. Well, Stan and I were  in a concall on Friday and Stan understood 3% of what was said.....3% before tax! (I understood much more, because I am a linguist, having mastered French.)

Stan texted me on Saturday:"I want a unilingual company in a year, Gloria. Even the Scots try and have an English accent. Just get this company linguistically global by Q2 2014".

Is this HR's domain? I believe it is. I will do anything to keep my seat at the table in our global company.

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