Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sybil Civil aka Civil Sybil

Ms. Cynthia Ax 
will be leaving HR and joining the inner circle around our beloved and erratic CEO Stan. Her role as the Head of our Early Bird Retirement Plan will be taken over by me, with the cooperation of 
OFS - Our Firing Squad (Canada) hq'd in Boston,  aka NPE- Notre peloton d'exécution. That is French. 

Ms. Sybil Civil, aka Civil Sybil, will be joining HR. Her responsibilities will include opening lines of communications, roundtable management, sensing, censoring, and civility. Sybil is Wifey's (Stan's wife) sister.

Stan had a fit of anger and cussed each and every person here in Immature Products except Ms Cynthia Axe and me. He has demanded a Be Civil campaign based on five points:
1-Eat my drivel and remain civil
2-Be polite, don't put up a fight.
3-Finish 0.1 on time, or I'll call you a swine.
4-Kiss my ass or I'll call you crass.
5-Listen to Sybil or your authority we'll nibble