Friday, 15 March 2013

Dogs in the work place improve user experience

Middle Management

Our CEO Stan loves dogs. Last time that he was home (he does not remember when), Wifey told him that they now have 3 dogs. Tears came to Stan's eyes; he is emotional, and loves work work work work life balance.

Following our round table with the engineering bums from R&D, Stan has decided that dogs will be allowed in the workplace as supervisors, to the benefit of the firm and employees.

HR shall move forward with a pilot program, in line with our core values of pilot programs.

a-A hungry pit bull (seen herein) and an almost domesticated  Rottweiler will be placed in R&D. 
This pit bull doers NOT attack people who are working and sitting down at their work stations. The young Rottweiler will work in testing, and focus on eliminating "go to" commands.

b-Feeding the dogs falls under "Social Responsibility". Employees will be encouraged to feed the dogs and get brownie points, which can be used to purchase coffee.

c-On the weekends the dogs, and the employees, stay on campus and use the dogs in the framework of  enhancing user experience. 

d-Posting a picture of an obedient poodle on my door, calling the HR manager a b--ch, and other non sustainable comments will be handled by Ms Axe, of our Re-sizing Department.

Part of my talent management program


  1. Well the answer is quite clearly no to dogs in the workplace unless you are a dog charity. I have seen dogs in offices plenty of times and it is unnecessary and can cause a lot of people concern and worry when they don't like dogs.

    The issue is normally around the owner not being at home with the dog and needing to bring it to work. My view on this is quite clearly.... don't have a dog then.

    Now on the other hand I am ok with having special days, stress relief and comfort in care homes etc, that you can bring your dog in... with certain controls.

    I must say I find it absolutely hilarious reading the statement 'Dogs bring so much to the table'. When I had a dog she wouldn't bring anything to the table she would only eat what fell off it (her territory).

    Sorry to be quite black and white on this.

  2. Hi Angus,
    Thanks for being black and white. Stan is often not black and white.
    Angus is a very global name.