Monday, 13 October 2014

Stan flip flops on Ebola, as the Liberians examine our new product.

Adapting travel policy to business and health realities-Mais oui! 

Following a stay in hospital for a discrete illness, CEO Stan had shown an enhanced interest in health. 

He measured his blood pressure twice an hour and he had asked his private chef (K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein)  for foods which are "softer on my gut". 

Stan also said at a recent staff meeting that "a nations' health is a nations' wealth" which was the motto of the Montreal Star which my Dad Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom used to read on the weekends. 

Dad used to read this
Yet, today Stan flip flopped on Ebola, like a French socialist who needs to balance a budget.

Stan texted me at 1255 pm: "Gloria, how are we dealing with the Ebola Scare? Keep the health of our firm in mind."

At 1 pm, I got a text message from R&D chief Comrade Carl Marks (to all) which read: 
  •  "I know a government hack in Liberia who sees our new product as a pearl. He studied with me in Mother Russia. The only problem is our travel policy which defines Ebola stricken Liberia as a dangerous travel zone, like Damascus, Jerusalem and Detroit."
At 1.05 pm, Stan summoned me into his room, along with Hugh White from Diversity. Hugh is both white and heterosexual.

Stan asked Hugh "to what extent is all this Ebola crap anti African, White?" White coughed at looked at me for direction, in line with my core value of obedience. I signalled to White proceed. "Stan, Ebola appears to me to be scare tactics, yet at the same time, Liberia is not somewhere I suggest travelling to at the moment, Sir".

Stan looked at White and said nothing. White became whiter, as it were. Stan blurted out that he agrees that Ebola is an anti Africa scare tactic, and that all staff flying to Liberia "should travel Economy +" to stretch their legs.

Stan mentioned that he does not plan to visit Liberia for the time being, but to show solidarity with the sales folks heading off there, "I do not plan to take a Ebola shot. Ebola is left wing propaganda."

My Dad Pierre Elliot used to say that "Americans use the term left wing  propaganda very liberally, Glo. Take it with a pinch of salt".

Soft on my gut

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